Let’s make a place!

Let’s make a place if we obtain a bonsai!

The sun is important basically.

However, it is not necessary to be the day all the time.

We avoid the afternoon sun if possible, and let’s do it in the place where the day when the ventilation is good hits.


Point when I decide a place

I put it in the place getting sunshine properly

The sun is important to a plant. When a day does not prove right, the part weakens and dies.

It is effective to change the direction

I make a shelf and a box and put it on the top

A leaf is burnt by the reflected heat, and there is a problem of the ventilation

I put it at the position where it is easy to put water

Water hangs in the whole bonsai

This is because the part weakens when there is the point where water does not hang.


When it is exposed to a strong wind, I put shielding.
The number of times of the watering increases when I dry too much.

To the person who cannot do watering in the daytime

Please do a good water after coming home with time to appear in the morning.

Please put it in the partial shade.