Give water!

The most important thing in bonsai management is to give water!

When water runs short, the bonsai will die…

There is a word that it takes three years to master.

Because there are individual differences in bonsai.


Here I will only raise points


Basic gives water after drying

It is not good to dry thoroughly. It will die.

Raise the water in a slightly dry state and the roots seek water and actively absorb water.

There is a possibility that the root will rot if it is wet all the time.

Be careful not to give too much water.


Give water to the whole

Give it evenly


Water gives more

Dry it completely dry.

Please give me plenty of water until you understand.


Give the leaves water!

Not only the root but also the leaves absorb moisture

The burden on the bonsai is also small.


When water does not enter, DOBUZUKE

When the roots are tight and water does not enter.

Place water in the container and soak the bonsai.