Let’s choose the tree class!


At first let’s choose the tree class which we want to bring up.


松柏類(Syohaku Rui)






I include Kuromatsu(Japanese black pine),Akamatsu(Japanese red pine),
Shinpaku(Chinese Junuiper),Goyomatsu(Japanese white pine)

The bonsai may be strong in an image of this ‘Syohaku’.

雑木類(Zohki rui)






It is the bonsai of a deciduous tree and the broadleaf tree.

I include Yama_momiji(mountain maple),kaede(Maple).

花物類(Hanamono rui)






It is a bonsai to have a heated when it is time.

There are a plum or a cherry tree.

実物類(Mimono rui)






It is a bonsai to be able to adjust a fruit to when it is time.

There are Himeringo or a Chinese quince.



When I display a bonsai, I use it


I may share it with Syohaku, zoki, kusamono.

I introduce a recommended tree class to a beginner.

The bonsai which is recommended for a beginner

Syohaku rui

【Goyomatsu(Japanese white pine)】






Because very strong, and the growth of the bud is slow, care is not necessary frequently and is easy to bring you up.
Therefore a tree figure is hard to change, and there is the aspect that there are not many changes.

【Shinpaku(Chinese Junuiper)】






This is a strong tree, too.
A trunk is divided into Mizusui (valid part) and Syari (part becoming a bleached bone),
and show it.


【choju bai(Longevity plum)】






I enter with a plum, but am a friend of the Japanese quince.

Because a bud appears immediately even if I cut a branch, it is easy to care for it and is recommended.

Enjoy floral art throughout the year and, for a perpetual, is the tree which can enjoy a change.



The fidelity is strong in the lack of water that is the first cause that can kill a bonsai, and a relatively simple Japanese white pine of the care is recommended.

However, the set with the longevity plum is recommended because the Japanese white pine has few changes.