About size

Size of the bonsai

The bonsai has a name every size.

In small order

・(Mame bonsai,Mini bonsai)

・Syohin(short piece) bonsai

・kifu bonsai

・chuhin(average) bonsai


is called.


Then I will see concrete size

The size is divided all by height of the tree (from a bowl to the top of the tree)


Mame bonsai・Mini bonsai

Less than approximately 10cm

Syohin bonsai

About 10cm – around 19cm

It is size to be able to hold in one hand

Kifu bonsai

About 20cm – around 34cm

It is the size between a short piece bonsai and the average bonsai

chuhin bonsai

About 35cm – around 39cm

It is size to be able to have alone


More than 40cm

There is the thing which cannot last depending on a tree when not more than two


Because you use this name well, you should know it.